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Southeast Connections Overtime Case

Steven Wolfe

Southeast Connections Overtime Case: Seeking Unpaid Wages

On September 13, 2023, this firm filed a lawsuit against Southeast Connections, LLC alleging the company failed to pay wages, including overtime wages, to foremen and crewmembers who worked off the clock, in violation of federal law. The named plaintiffs, a foreman and a laborer, allege that they and other employees like them worked off the clock without pay during drive time from the worksite back to the shop at the end of the day, during lunch breaks, and during pre-shift and post-shift work.

The lawsuit alleges that the failures to accurately pay employees affected foremen and crewmembers, including but not limited to laborers, operators, CDL drivers, pipefitters, and fuse/fitters. It was filed as a putative collective action.

We seek to recover money damages within the past three years,

including unpaid overtime compensation, unpaid minimum wage compensation, and liquidated (double) damages, as well as other remedies under the federal statute, for time Southeast Connections’ foreman and crewmembers worked off the clock without pay.

If you have been a Southeast Connections foreman or crewmember at any time since September 13, 2020, and you worked off the clock during drive time, before or after your shift, or through lunch breaks, you may be eligible to join this lawsuit:

If you’re interested in learning more about the lawsuit or your legal rights, please call this law firm at (470) 823-4000 to speak to one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in this case.

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