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Cheryl, Eleanor and Steve founded the LAW Firm for two reasons: to level the playing field between ordinary people and their employers, and to have fun doing it. After years at other law firms fighting for employee rights, Cheryl, Eleanor, and Steve founded the LAW Firm with a unique approach. They wanted to be a better firm, not just a bigger one. They wanted closer relationships with their clients, not just more clients. They wanted an aggressive focus on each case, not just more cases.

The LAW Firm’s partners form a powerful team because they each bring different perspectives. Cheryl walked away from a promising career defending employers to take up the fight for ordinary individuals. Eleanor, a native Georgian with roots going back to the state’s earliest settlers, knows better than most well-heeled lawyers the struggles regular people can face earning a living. 

Steve, the son of an attorney and public school teacher, learned from childhood that different people face very different challenges at work and that the law must protect every individual, not just the employers that write their paychecks.

The LAW Firm’s attorneys have obtained seven-figure results for their clients,

recovered unpaid wages for classes of employees, and won numerous jury trials. They have vindicated the rights of hundreds of people, from entry level to C-level, from many industries, and from many walks of life. If you believe your employer has violated your rights, let the LAW Firm help.

Our Philosophy

Everyone who works for a living has legal rights. The right to be treated equally no matter your race, gender, age, disability, or religion. The right to medical leave. The right to work without sexual harassment. The right to be properly paid for working overtime.

At LAW, our mission is to defend these rights. Our clients are everyone who works for a living, from the entry-level to the chief executives, from every industry, from every walk of life.

Corporations and government employers have teams of lawyers, human resources officials, and insurance companies to make the law work for them. You might feel like an underdog against them. But at LAW, we love the underdog. If you think your employer violated your rights, contact us about putting the LAW to work for you.

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