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Executive Contracts And Severance

Negotiating your employment agreement when you take a new position can be time-consuming and complicated. Severance negotiations are often just as complicated, as well as emotional. The stakes in both situations are high, and the company likely has skilled attorneys helping it negotiate.

Issues like noncompetition agreements, the components of executive compensation, and the circumstances under which you can be terminated with “cause” can have profound impacts on your financial livelihood and your career.

You do not have to work alone against the company and its lawyers.

The LAW Firm’s attorneys have substantial experience representing executives in employment contract and severance negotiations. In certain severance negotiations, we are able to take on the representation using creative fee arrangements under which we share some of your risk and are not just charging you by the hour. If you need assistance with your employment contract or your severance package, please call (470) 823-4000, our attorneys may be able to help.

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