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What Is Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Age?

What Is Sexual Harassment In The #MeToo Age?

It is safe to say that, for many, the view of sexual harassment in the workplace has changed in recent years.  If nothing else, society is becoming more aware of what women have experienced at work.  Defining what constitutes sexual harassment is difficult because circumstances can be very nuanced and situations often must be considered individually.

Overt sexual harassment, like inappropriate sexual comments and touchings, are unacceptable and should be reported to management.  But what about sexual looks, suggestive comments, or provocative posts or images?  These too are frequently unwelcome, and employers need to know that employees are being exposed to these actions.  Quite often, victims of sexual harassment worry about retaliation if they report the harassing behavior.  It may not be the sole responsibility of the individual being harassed to report the harassing behavior, but anyone who witnesses it may bear that responsibility too.

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